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¿Quieres saber sobre tu pasado y futuro? Consulta con uno de nuestros médiums. Su don te sorprenderá. Discipa tus dudas y consulta hoy mism The Cromwell, and its premium version Cromwell B, are both versatile mediums that you will see a lot of. They are well-liked medium tanks with great maneuverability that no other tier 6 medium tank can do. The Cromwell B has the higher firepower, armor, mobility then its non-premium version when stock, but becomes practically the same when fully upgraded I'd say the best tier 6 tech tree medium is the T 34 85. The Firefly is good, but it's not as good in close quarters fights like the 85 is, so it plays best at range which is different from many other tier 6 mediums. Cromwell is popular as well for it's close range capabilities and speed, I personally preferred the VK 30.01 D because of the gun and the armor that could hold up to shots from time to time. The Jumbo has great armor for a tier 6 medium, but the gun is only as good as.

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  1. best tier 6 medium is the Cromwell, end of discussion. like the other guy said, if you want armor, the only place to find it is on heavies, and *some* td's. for a TD option, you might try the Jackson, 100mm doesn't make it invincible, but you were only looking for somewhat usable armor anyway . for a heavy, I'd try the KV-85, it's almost exactly in line with your requirements
  2. KV-1S is best tier 6. It has a tier 7 gun with a slower RoF and is almost as fast as a medium, so you can compete in any game you get into, even as the only 6 in a tier 8 game. Xs: IS-7, IS-4, FV215b, T110E5, E100, E50M, Obj 140, T-62A, M48A1 Patton, FV4202, Leopard 1, Obj 26
  3. Choosing the best medium tank for your gameplay is important. For a great game performance at all times, picking the best is important. Here is my role, I organized the best medium tanks for every tier. Tier III Somua S35. Dpm--1162 Hp; Dispersion--0.38; Penetration--66 mm; Top Speed--45 km/h; Thickest Armor--47 mm; View Range-- 330 m; Conclusio
  4. I wouldn't consider the M4A3E8 Easy-8 the best tier 6 medium tank in World of Tanks Blitz, but it arguably deserves a spot as one of the best. M4A3E8 in World of Tanks Blitz, hence the poor graphics. It doesn't have any special qualities of it, i.e. no 'specific things' that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd

Other good tier 6s are the Cromwell (British medium tank), M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo (American medium), T-150 (Russian heavy tank), the SU-100 (Russian TD), and the AT-8 (British TD). The Crom is a fast tank with good penetration, DPM, and accuracy Der beste Tier 6-Panzer: KV-2 Der KV-2 ist aus folgenden Gründen der beste Panzer der sechsten Stufe: Der KV-2 hat eine extreme Kanone mit 152mm-Geschossen Wählt das 100-mm-Geschütz für besseren Schaden pro Minute und Zuverlässigkeit oder das 122-mm-Geschütz und seinen ordentlichen Rumms! Im weiteren Verlauf der Linie umfassen die Vorteile der Fahrzeuge einen hohen Schaden pro Schuss, eine geneigte und starke Panzerung sowie gute Mobilität. An der Spitze dieser Linie findet ihr den IS-7, der all diese Eigenschaften in einem beeindruckenden. A few rule of thumb to cover the basics for the Tier 6 Strongholds. Updated 25th of February 2021. Tier 6 (competitive) T34-85M (Alpha Damage, Mobility, DPM, Gun Handling) T34-85; Rudy; Cromwell B (Mobility, DPM) Cromwell; Type 64 (Mobility, DPM) T-50-2 (Mobility, Gun Handling) Tier 6 (alternatives) VK 36.01 H (HP Pool, Alpha Damage, Gun Handling

The 34-85 is the most well rounded of all the tier 6 meds: good dpm and higher alpha than the 76mm meds means you can trade them one for one but the faster fire rate of the gun means you can trade 2 for 1 with 90mm tanks It was hard picking a favorite out of all the competition at Tier 6, but I landed on the Tier 6 British Cromwell, or its Premium counterpart the Cromwell Berlin. While there are slight differences between the two, both specialise in sheer mobility and damage output. Their rates of fire shred anything with equal or higher alpha damage in terms of DPM, and their traverse speeds allow easy circling of even fast Heavy Tanks or slower Mediums, as well as evasive maneuvers against. The Skoda T 40 introduces Tier 6 players to a Medium tank with one of the highest alpha damage values of its tier. After making it out of tiers 3-5, you'll be facing opponents with more armor and health as a Tier 6 Medium. Below are some of the Tier 6 Medium tanks with the highest alpha damage. Škoda T 4 World of Tanks Tier List for Tier 6 Strongholds by uMadTown. Lately I've been doing quite a bit of tier 6 strongholds and encountering a lot of teams that seem to have no idea what they're doing. I'm hoping to write some guides maybe when I have more experience. One of the most common problems I see is teams running sub-optimal tanks and.

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SHAREfactory™https://store.playstation.com/#!/sv-se/tid=CUSA00572_0 The T6 Medium is an American tier 4 medium tank. Despite the launch of mass production of the M3 medium tank in the summer of 1941, the development of an improved version with a 75 mm gun in a rotating turret was started earlier in winter of the same year. Two prototypes were produced by the autumn of 1941 The Cromwell is a tier 6, British medium tank that is perfect for zipping around the map and brawling with lightweight opponents. This tank offers mobility combined with a decent armament that makes this tank a competent assassin of light tanks. It also has a decent HP pool of 750 into the bargain. Allowing players to play with a certain level of freedom that similar tanks within the tier can. Cromwell Tier 6, Medium tank. The Cromwell was developed in 1941-1942 by BRC&W. A total of 1,070 vehicles were mass-produced from late 1943 through 1945. They were extensively used by the British Army in the Northwest Europe Campaign of 1944-1945

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Welchen Med Tier 9 Started by RHotzenplotz, 11 Oct 2019. 1; 2; 3; Hot 55 reply 7,087 view; HOOOBERTH; 12 Dec 2020 Welche Light-Reihe für einen Scout Anfänger Started by SlaXXXer, 15 Oct 2020: 13 reply 1,799 view; Hubbfrosch; 26 Nov 2020 Sheridan oder T-100 LT? Started by monnikZZ, 15 Nov 2020: 6 reply 792 view; Macally; 20 Nov 2020 Hat der 60TP den E100 abgelöst? Started by Djija, 14 Nov. The T6 Medium was a prototype build after the M3 tank, featuring a rotating turret and an improved version of the 75 mm. The military was mostly satisfied with the improved version, but also requested some improvements. As a result, the vehicle lost its side doors and the commander's cupola machine gun AMX proto, best tier 9 med, in blitz stores.This french tier 9 medium is back in blitz stores. My favourite tier 9 medium tank in the game.is it worth the mo.. WOT Strongholds - Tier 6 Checklist (iFacePalm) March 1, 2021. WOT Strongholds - Tier 8 Checklist (iFacePalm) February 28, 2021. WOT Strongholds - Tier 10 Checklist (iFacePalm) February 22, 2021. Chimera Campaign Guide (iFacePalm) January 6, 2021. Excalibur Campaign Guide (iFacePalm) January 5, 2021. T 55A Campaign Guide (iFacePalm) January 4, 2021. T28 HTC Campaign Guide (iFacePalm.

Lights Mediums Heavies TDs Artillery. China Czech France Germany Italy Japan. Poland Sweden UK USA USSR. Tier X. Light Tanks AMX 13 105 Manticore Panhard EBR 105 Rheinmetall Panzerwagen T-100 LT WZ-132-1 XM551 Sheridan. Medium Tanks (R) T-62A 121 121B AMX 30 B Bat.-Châtillon 25 t Carro da Combattimento 45 t Centurion Action X CS-63 E 50 Ausf. M FV4202 K-91 Leopard 1 Leopard 1 BB M48A2/T54E2. We begin in France with the tier one medium tank, the Renault R35. This tank has phenomenal manoeuvrability with a rating of 33%. Plus this tank has an outstanding maximum accuracy rating of 28% making it one of the more accurate tanks within its tier. Then the tank also boasts a decent armour rating of 7% and a reasonable HP pool of 260 into the bargain. Where this one struggles is when. BEST TIER 8 MEDIUM? Started by GRINCH7777, Apr 22 2019. 1; 2; Hot 26 reply 21,491 view; noupperlobeman; Apr 28 2021 World of Tanks - How to Play: Bat.- Châtillon Bourrasque Started by Whistling_Death_, Apr 28 2021 Bourrasque, How to Play: 0 reply 254 view; Whistling_Death_ Apr 28 2021 Anime-themed Panzer IV H is already in the game files Started by RMxR, Apr 21 2021 Panzer IV, Panzer IV H. Top Five Strongest Tier X Tanks. a month ago . Which branch should you research to earn Top Gun again and again? Which tank is the best at blocking enemy damage? Which tank destroyer will never be subjected to victory rate jokes? Check out this chart of top tier tanks! Similar posts: What Can You Expect for Halloween? Lots of great stuff! Watch the stream for more details! Media Media. Live.

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What's this? A World of Tanks question outdated by nearly three years? Fear not weebs, Andrew is here to catch you guys up to a terrible speed. Now, the real question is, does this include premiums? First, I'll give a rundown on the comparisons wi.. WOT Replay of Cromwell B British Tier 6 Medium Tank on Redshire by Schotzakrieger @Wotnoobz on 1/7/21. Scored a B2 Mastery Badge in this Battle of World of Tanks. This British medium tank is a premium tank. It is set up as a scout over a killer. I love the Speed of this tank and reminds me of my favorite British tank the Covenanter At tier VI is the Strv 74 medium tank which sports one of the best guns for its tier. There is also the Swedish tier VI premium medium tank, the Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. At tier VII is the Leo with the best top speed for its tier and the highest damage per shot, making it a real predator. In tier 8 position, the Swedish mixed line divided into two. If you climbed the medium tank path, and jumped directly from KV to S-51 (tier 6) :- S-51 - 127320 points You can reach a tier 6 SPG with just 127,320 points if you transferred from a KV. Compared to climbing the SPG tech tree, you'll need 177,730, or about 50,000 points more. If you do the math, the same goes for the German tree. Climbing the German SPG tree will need 60,760 points to. In 1942, three medium tank classes were initiated. A 47mm cannon class, a 57mm cannon class, and a 75mm cannon class. These three classes were called Kou, Otsu, Hei respectively (something like A, B, C). It was soon considered that the 47mm cannon class medium would be obsolete before completion thus it was upgraded to a 57mm cannon class tank. The other 57mm cannon class medium merged with.

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  1. Tier: I: Tank name: Leichttraktor: Global win percentage: 50,7%: Global WN8: 564: Best feature(s) View range, stock gun: Worst feature(s) Somewhat weak armor: Performance analysis - Leichttraktor has the best stock gun of any Tier I tanks and is, therefore, the easiest to do well in from the get-go.Its armor is nothing to boast about, even at tier I, but it can bounce some stray autocannon shells
  2. There are TWO best tier VII medium tanks in the game: T20 and T-34/100. I cannot choose between them. Both are keepers for me. Pros: Great gun depression (T20) High DPM (T34/100) Sneaky (T20) Cons: Bad armor (both) Low DPM (T20) Here is an ACE tanker battle with the T20: And here is one with the T34/100: See all the best/worst tanks here. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading.
  3. Präzise Statistiken. Die Spieler erhalten umfangreiche Statistiken zum Spiel. Das sind Effizienz, WN7 und WN8 Rating wie auch Siegesrate, Schaden, Frags etc. WoT-Spieler bekommen auch mehrere Diagramme zu ihrer Statistik, die das Spielerergebnis nochmal deutlich präsentieren
  4. Best and worst tanks by tier and type - best tier VII medium. Leave a reply. There are 11 tier VII medium tanks in World of tanks (by patch 9.20): A-44; Comet; Konstrukta T-34/100; KV-13; Leo; Panther; T-34-1; Type T-43; T20; Type 5 Chi-Ri; VK 30.03 (D) Note: I have not played hte T-34-1, but I believe this would not have won here, anyway. There is a lot of variety here, and the play style.

World of Tanks - Panzer miteinander vergleichen. Standardwerte Beste Werte . Standardwerte Beste Wert WOT Forum; Official Console Site; Disclaimer; Premium Tanks. List all the Premium Tanks available in World of Tanks for Consoles. Silver bonus, XP Bonus, and Crew Bonus are all measured in percent (%). Camo Stationary and Camo Moving refers to the base Camo Index without any additional skills, perks, or equipment. Cost is represented in Gold for an individual tank only with no store additions. Wot tier 6 matchmaking - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Rich man looking for older man & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman Wot:Welcher Tier 9 ist besser? Hallo ich habe nun in wot 4 tier8tanks und wollte mir jetzt mal einen Tier 9 Tank freispielen. Immoment habe ich folgende tier 8:-t32 -kv4 -is3 und den vk 45.02.... Welcher der Tier 9 Nachfolger der Tanks ist der beste? LG DANIEL VD für die Antworten.....komplette Frage anzeigen. 3 Antworten Slugger 06.03.2014, 16:48 Besser gibts nicht, und da du schon soweit.

Ihr wollt Euch der 6. Panzerbrigade anschließen? Platziert hier als registrierter Nutzer eine aussagekräftige Bewerbung. Themen. 58. Beiträge. 205 WOT Replay of Cromwell B British Tier 6 Medium Tank on Redshire by Schotzakrieger @Wotnoobz on 1/7/21. Scored a B2 Mastery Badge in this Battle of World of Tanks. This British medium tank is a premium..

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Higher tier tanks generally get slower and more heavily armored, while lower tier tanks are lighter. The tech trees in WoTB have been changed many times, with the most well known and controversial change happening in Update 5.5 , which saw the removal of many tanks from the trees (most are still available to players who researched them prior to the update, while others were removed entirely) World of Tanks (WoT) ist ein 2010 erschienenes Massively Multiplayer Online Game des weißrussischen Spieleentwicklers Wargaming.net.Es enthält Elemente eines Third-Person-und Taktik-Shooters, dabei sind die Spielfiguren die namensgebenden Panzer.World of Tanks ist ein Free-to-play-Produkt, bei dem der Hersteller durch Mikrotransaktionen jährlich mehrere Millionen Euro Gewinn erwirtschaftet. WOT (US | NA) 7 TIER X || 4 TIER IX || 7 TIER VIII || OVER 2,000,000 EXP (worth $600 alone). View Gradius2's Store. Gradius2. View Gradius2's Store. 100.0% Positive Ratings (6. View Gradius2's Ratings ) Send a message. Legendary Seller. 6 orders sold with a legendary 100.0% rating! 11. Member since 2010. Seller Guaranteed Delivery Time. 24 Hours. Delivery: 24 Hours. $ 700.00 BUY NOW 161530687. Lorraine 155 mle. 51 Performance Analyzer Chart. This chart compares vehicle's performance based on firepower, armor, mobility, view range and hitpoints. The French Lorraine 155 mle. 51 is a tier 8 SPG under the Battle Tier of 8 to 10. In the category of All Vehicles of Same Type and Tier, it was analyzed against 7 vehicles in its selected.

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This page is a work in progress. This page includes information about the British Tech Tree. The British tanks are not very new to the game and they are not a bad tank line to start with. The cruiser British tanks are very good tanks in their tiers. A good pick for person that is starting a British tank line is to do the medium tank line as they do not really have any bad tanks (although the. World of Tanks (WOT) accounts from reputable WOT sellers via G2G.com secure marketplace. Cheap, fast, safe and 24/7. Tier III: T-29, BT-7, Vickers Medium Mk. III Tier II: MKA Personal Rating: 3 075! Victories: 48,85%! Ranking: unranked WN8: 728,89! Crew members: 114! Slots in Garage: 17! Achivements: 45! Bonds: 2 945! Credits: 136 714! Free Experience: 3 692! ️In all our WOT accounts. Technically, it was one of the most advanced drawings of the Škoda design bureau and just like the T-25, it was inspired by the sloped shapes of the T-34 Soviet tank. For more details see the tier 6 T-25 article. Characteristics: Armor: 10-60mm. Weapon: 75mm Škoda A13 (L/36,4) Weight: 18,5 tons The T-54 is a Soviet tier 9 medium tank. WoT Blitz Best Replays — The T-54 is a Soviet tier 9 medium tank. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. WoT Blitz Best Replays . Posts; Likes.

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Alles Gute zum Muttertag! NACHRICHTEN. Dies ist die Mutter alle Wochenenden! Mai 5, 2021. Alles Gute zum Muttertag! NACHRICHTEN. Dies ist die Mutter alle Wochenenden! Mai 5, 2021 . Community-Replays. COMMUNITY REPLAY. Panzertipps und Community-Videos. Seht sie euch jetzt an! Mai 5, 2021. Wöchentliche Angebote. NACHRICHTEN. WoT News der Woche! 4. Mai bis 10. Mai. Mai 4, 2021. Wöchentliche. Take a look at this new Tier X Collector heavy tank that assumed its place among containers! Events Events. Live Stream: What's New in Update 8.0. Get ready for the upcoming changes! Media Media. New Bundles for Coins. Boosters, Premium, and the 112 Glacial! General General. Latest posts. New Bundles for Coins Boosters, Premium, and the 112 Glacial! General General. Live Stream: What's New in. Media. Fair Play Update: May 2021 Fair Play Update: May 2021 Here are the actions we're taking on the Asia server this month to keep our game fair and clean. Announcements [Premium Shop Highlights] Return of Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque [Premium Shop Highlights] Return of Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque This French medium is ready to storm into battle. Missions & Specials [Premium Shop Highlights.

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North America: April 1, 6:00 (PT) / 9:00 (ET) to April 29, 6:00 (PT), 9:00 (ET) Asia: April 1, 14:00 (UTC+8) to April 29, 14:00 (UTC+8) Once the Operation ends, Minerals will no longer be added. However, Premium Pass owners will be able to increase their Level using gold for two more days. For these two days, Premium Pass will be available in. WoT Account | Sell & buy WoT accounts. Buy WoT accounts at world's leading marketplace for WoT gold, items, skins and leveling/boosting services. We offer all the features you need for a successful and safe trade. Here you will find a list of discussions in the World of Tanks Trading forum at the Other Online Games Trading category Join Together And Face Down The Evil That Threatens Azeroth! Thousands Of Mighty Heroes In A World of Myth, Magic, And Endless Adventure

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Best Medium: Bromwell. Fast enough, good gun depression. T-34-85 close 2nd for its better alpha. Best Heavy: Vk36.01 because its fast.. According to blitzstars it is the fastest HT in tier 6, but in practice, because of better power-to-weight ratio, I think kv-1s feels faster. But apart from Kv-1s, I think its faster than everything else. Eg. Generally tier 5 and 6 tanks have better DPM then you expect ( A Panzer 4 has almost 2000) so getting rid of one in a single shot will save your teammates a lot of grief. Deciding to one-shot is situation dependent however getting the kill weighs heavily on team success - damaged tanks can usually still fire therefore killing them is the only way to reduce the enemy's firepower and allow. It may be worthwhile to buy a tier 5 or 6 premium first, use that to earn credits, and then once you have reached tier 8 naturally, buy a tier 8 premium if you need/want to. Another good way to earn credits is to run tier 5-6 tanks (on a standard account; premium accounts can make money at higher tiers as well), especially ones that currently have an income bonus

Best medium tank: Matilda. A fully upgraded Matilda will shred other tanks in its tier while bouncing shots, and you can still penetrate tier VIs. It's really more like a mini heavy than a real medium tank though. Best heavy: T29: Versatile and mobile for a heavy, with a great top gun and nearly impenetrable turret. Sit back and snipe or lead assaults, even against tier 8s. Best destroyer: AT. However, 7.5 made APCR shells the standard ammunition used by the new tier 10 medium tanks. Additionally, 8.2 made APCR shells the standard ammunition used by the 76 mm Gun T185 cannon, which can be mounted on the T71 American light tank, and the T69 American medium tank. They cannot use AP ammo at all, and instead can purchase this ammo using credits rather than gold. Tanks whose guns default. Selbstverständlich hast du mit den normalen auch mal gute spiele wo du 50-60k und mehr abgreifst aber das ist da die Ausnahme beim Löwen ist das normal. Dann hab ich noch den PzKpfw 38H735 der im Tier 2 eine kleine Spaßkanone ist. Natürlich kein farmpanzer für geld aber absolut spaßig wenn man die ganzen Tier 1 und 2 Panzer auseinander flext Eine gute Combo ist z.B. auch Smooth Ride, Snap Shot in Verbindung mit einem Stabi, wenn man einen schlagkräftigen Med zur Verfügung hat und einem der Spielstil gefällt, ist eine agile Angriffsfahrt mit hoher Treffgenauhigkeit was feines. Diese Combo läßt sich auch auf schnelle und wendige Heavies anwenden, IS3, IS8, AMX50, M103, T110 usw

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Willkommen bei WoT‑Life. Diese Seite ermöglicht es Dir, die aktuellen Entwicklungen von World of Tanks Spielern zu ermitteln. Darüber hinaus kannst Du dir die Statistiken der letzten 24 Stunden und 7 Tagen ansehen Medium tanks can take advantage of their speed to flank their enemies. 1000m x 1000m: Fjords. 850m x 850m: Highway . 850m x 850m: Himmelsdorf Meaning sky village in German, this labyrinth of streets and squares are a large hindrance for artillery and tank destroyers, but ideal for speedy breakthrough and bypass by medium and light vehicles. With the castle dominating the area, access roads. Jump To. World of Tanks Best Heavy Tank. Type 5 Heavy. WZ-111 Model 1-4. AMX 65 T. Object 705A. FV215b. Advertisement. With hundreds of these armored machines to choose from, here are our top. World of Tanks Vehicle Analyzer assesses key vehicle performance based on five critical areas :-. The vehicle's stats are compared against other vehicles in its category and given a rating between 1 to 10 - with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. Clan War Mode Only tier 10 tanks and tier 8 SPGs are selected

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WOT Credits farming (high statistics): from 60% victories; from 3000 WIN8. 1 million credits = 6 € (8th levels) from 4 million per day. 1 million credits = 7 € (7th levels) from 3 million per day. *Prices can differ from those established depending on the current exchange rates. Please contact with our operator to get more accurate information Present best tier 6 SPG in World of Tanks FV304. The FV304 is a very unique SPG. It has very good accuracy and aiming time, along with a fast rate of fire.0.. French tanks at higher tiers all have auto-loaders, meaning you can fire 3-6 shots very quickly before having a long reload time, at an equivalent damage to a tank that may have a 10-15 second reload time per shot, they'll pump the same damage out but on a 5 second reload) Alternatively, Mediums still move like everyone else is standing still at tier 10, but have a good amount of armor, hp. Official World of Tanks mod porta

Wargaming.net Premium Shop. Back to top. Steel Division 2. High School Fleet. LT-432, Lorraine 40 t. TL-1 LPC. The Offspring customisations. German Destroyers. Steel Division 2 Download Aslain's WoT Modpack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle Hi and welcome to WoTstats.org, a World of Tanks Statistics Tracker. Here you can track any World of Tanks players statistics and WN8 progression in a nice looking way. Statistics includes also medals and detailed tanks stats with changes over time. You can update your stats whenever you want, just close your wot client and click take snapshot.

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Just like other Tier VIII-X Czechoslovakian heavy tanks, its main feature is the ability to choose between two guns: one with a two-shell autoloader and one without. The top guns have the same caliber—122 mm. The damage per shot is 390 HP, the aiming time is 2.5 s, the standard armor-piercing shell penetrates 252 mm of armor, and the special APCR shell penetrates 294 mm. The cyclical gun. Info & Thanks. Bugs and feature requests: Contact SockRobber (eu) via the BlitzStars Twitter account or by email - SockRobber at BlitzStars.com, or on the official Wargaming World of Tanks: Blitz forums.. Particular thanks to hson_hson (eu) for his invaluable technical input, Huwie (eu) for pushing the idea and helping alpha test, and Maddox (asia) for behind the scenes input Jan 27, 2016 - WoT T95E6 tier X USA medium tank and game by SlasherZ. No wonder that he get Ace Tanker for this game. Also 6.100+ dmg is impressive. Pool's Medal for 10 ki.. World of Tanks Blitz is made up of Tech Trees. The countries that have tech trees in the game are; U.S.A., France, Britain, U.S.S.R., Germany, Japan, China and the European Nation.* Each player starts off with a Tier I tank from each tech tree. Since Update 5.5, the starter tanks are: M2 Light..

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Medium tanks are incredibly varied in their armor, speed, and firepower. Tailor your strategy to individual tank models and you'll find yourself taking on different roles from scouting, support or even front line attacks. II T2 Medium Tank. III M2 Medium Tank. IV T6E1 This is a website dedicated to tracking the statistics of World of Tanks players. Using this website, you can view your daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly statistics. WoTLabs also offers excellent resources for players looking to improve their gameplay. Our article section provides amazing material written by some of the best players of the game The Global Map is a vast battle arena for clans in World of Tanks. Employ strategic skills and battlecraft to earn fame and add gold to your clan Treasury I would really enjoy if WoT ever adds any of these designs. Most of them fit all the requirements to be implemented in WoT. The TS-8 and TS-32 look like solid tier 6/7 designs. The TS-10 would very interesting, would be best at tier 7 IMO. The Cadillac designs could almost create a new line of vehicles, personally I believe either the TLD or.

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